Winter Screen Wash 5Ltr


Winter Screen Wash 5 Ltr

  • Crystal-Clear Visibility: Ensures a clear and unobstructed view during winter driving conditions.
  • All-Season Performance: Reliable in various winter conditions, providing year-round windshield protection.
  • Enhanced Safety: Promotes safer driving by ensuring a consistently clear and defrosted windshield.
  • Effective De-Icing: Formulated for efficient and thorough de-icing performance.


Introducing our Winter Screen Wash, a reliable solution designed to keep your windshield clear and frost-free, even in the most challenging winter conditions. With an anti-freeze formula that withstands temperatures as low as -5 degrees, this screen wash ensures rapid ice removal, providing crystal-clear visibility and enhancing overall driving safety. Its concentrated and effective de-icing performance, combined with all-season protection, makes it a must-have for year-round windshield maintenance. Don’t let winter weather slow you down—choose our Winter Screen Wash for quick and efficient snow melting, low-temperature protection, and unparalleled windshield care. Drive confidently with a clear view, no matter how frosty the weather gets


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