TFR Snow Foam 5Ltr


Traffic Film Removal 5 Ltr

  • High Foaming Formula: Generates a rich and thick foam for optimal coverage and deep cleaning.
  • Traffic Film Removal: Specifically formulated to effectively remove traffic film, dirt, and grime from vehicle surfaces.
  • Safe for All Exterior Surfaces: Suitable for use on paint, glass, metal, and other exterior surfaces without causing harm.
  • Pre-Wash Treatment: Ideal for use as a pre-wash to loosen and lift dirt, making the overall cleaning process more effective.
  • Versatile Application: Can be used with foam cannons or sprayers, providing flexibility in application methods.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Power: Boosts cleaning efficiency, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of the vehicle exterior


TFR Snow Foam is a rich cleaning foam formulated to lift and remove even the toughest dirt and traffic film. Cuts through dirt, soiling, grime, and road film and it is suitable for all vehicles. It is an economical product as 5 Litres makes 30 litres of cleaner! Contains: 5-15% Amphoteric surfactant, 5-15% Anionic surfactant. Directions for use – Dilute the TFR High Foam 1:5 (1 part of the product to 5 parts of water). Dilute the product in the foam bottle and apply it to the vehicle. Let it rest for 3-5 minutes and simply rinse off. Do not allow the product to dry on your vehicle. Foaming lance directions: Suitable for all pressure wash systems, hot or cold. Pre-dilute with water as required and simply pour into foam lance tank. Adjust the foaming or feed as per requirements. Apply to the vehicles starting at the bottom and working to the top. Make sure the vehicles are fully covered and allow them to soak up to 5 minutes. Agitation is not always required but would aid in cleaning. Do not allow the solution to dry. Thoroughly wash off with clean water after application and dwell time


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