Washing up Liquid 5Ltr or 6 x 1Ltr

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Washing up Liquid

  • Concentrated Power: Double-strength formula for concentrated cleaning power.
  • Powerful Degreaser: Effectively tackles tough grease and grime.
  • Fast-Acting: Rapid action for quick and efficient dishwashing.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Power: Boosts dishwashing effectiveness with enhanced power.
  • Quick Rinse: Rinses off easily, saving time and water.
  • Gentle on Hands: Formulated to be gentle on hands during use.


Introducing our Double Strength Washing Up Liquid — the powerhouse solution for effortless and effective dishwashing. With its concentrated formula, this dish soap delivers double the cleaning power, making quick work of tough grease and grime on your dishes and kitchenware. Concentrated Power for Superior Cleaning: Experience the strength of double concentration, ensuring that a little goes a long way in achieving exceptional cleaning results. Our washing up liquid is designed to cut through grease with ease, leaving your dishes sparkling clean. Rapid Action and High Performance: Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming dishwashing. Our fast-acting formula ensures a quick and efficient cleaning process, providing high-performance results that meet the demands of your busy kitchen. Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable: We believe in responsible cleaning. Our washing up liquid features a biodegradable formula that is not only tough on grime but also gentle on the environment, allowing you to clean with a conscience. Versatile Kitchen Cleaning Solution: Beyond dishes, our Double Strength Washing Up Liquid doubles as a versatile kitchen cleaner. Use it to effortlessly wipe down surfaces, removing grease and maintaining a pristine kitchen environment. Gentle on Hands with a Fresh Scent: Formulated to be gentle on your hands, our washing up liquid cares for your skin while you tackle kitchen chores. Enjoy the added bonus of a fresh and pleasant scent that leaves your dishes smelling delightful. Time-Saving and Long-Lasting: Designed for efficiency, our washing up liquid not only saves you time with its quick action but also offers long-lasting value. A small amount delivers powerful results, making it a reliable companion in your daily kitchen routine. Upgrade your dishwashing experience with our Double Strength Washing Up Liquid — a concentrated, high-performance solution that takes the hassle out of kitchen cleanup. Order now and discover the convenience

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1 x 5 Litre, 6 x 1 Litre


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