Lemon Floor Gel 5Ltr


Lemon Floor Gel Cleaner 5 Ltr

  • Odour Neutralising clean
  • suitable for all services
  • Lemon Fresh


Clearwater kents Floor Cleaner is your go-to for brilliant, shining floors that smell of juicy lemons. Its powerful formula quickly cuts through the toughest dirt and grime, leaving behind nothing but a sparkling, odour-neutralising clean. Suitable for all surfaces, this cleaner will work its magic and never harm the surface. Get ready for a lasting, refreshing clean that’ll leave your floors looking better than ever! 100% UK manufactured product. Directions for use – Dilute 50ml in 5 litres of warm water and apply using a mop. Leave for 2-3 minutes before drying the area. For stubborn dirt increase the concentration to 100ml in 5 litres of warm water and leave for 4-5 minutes before mopping clean.


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